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Our accountancy services extend beyond mere financial compliance. By selecting Streetwise Accountancy, you’re choosing a trusted service dedicated to helping your business thrive

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Personalized service

We get to know your business and future goals to provide bespoke solutions to foster your business’s growth.



Streetwise helps business owners to minimize tax liability with the IRS or State Agencies while staying in compliance with authorities.



Certified public accountant with an exceptional knowledge of individual and business tax law. Providing financial expertise to small business owners for over 8 years.



Forget stuffy accounting firms, we make our services accessible by meeting and working efficiently online. Have a question? Feel free to contact us or use our FREE Discovery Call.



Ensuring accurate financial records and reporting to facilitate informed decision-making


Calculating and distributing compensation to employees, including salaries, wages, and deductions

Tax Preparation

Gathering financial information, filling out relevant tax forms, and making necessary calculations to ensure compliance with tax laws and timely submission of tax returns

Tax Planning

Strategically optimizing financial decisions and transactions to minimize tax liabilities and maximize tax benefits within the bounds of tax laws and regulations


Omar Leguizamon, CPA

10+ Years 

Welcome! I am Omar Leguizamon, the founder of Streetwise Accountancy, a fully virtual firm based out of the DC metro area and serving clients worldwide. We specialize in tax advisory services tailored to service-based business such as attorneys, marketing agencies, consultants, and influencers. We take a personalized approach to every engagement because we understand that no two clients are the same. We work closely with each client to understand their specific circumstances, goals, and challenges. This allows us to create customized tax advising services that meet your exact needs.

We also specialize in tax resolutions, a service designed to assist taxpayers in resolving complex tax matters with the IRS or state tax authorities. Whether you are facing an IRS audit, tax liens or other tax-related issues, we are here to provide you with a solution. We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients, alleviated their tax-related stress and saving them thousands of dollars in tax liabilities. 

Our mission is to simplify the intricate world of taxes. Ready to overcome IRS challenges or in need of dependable tax advisor? Take the first step with us today and book a FREE Discovery call with us

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